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Tecnologia em elevação!

Tower Cranes / Tower Crane

Maximum Load Capacity: 80t

Maximum Range: 81.85m

Maximum Height: 275.30m


• Construction of high-rise buildings

• Construction of viaducts

• Construction of nuclear power plant towers

• Construction of large dams

Tower Cranes / Luffing Crane

Maximum Load Capacity: 16t

Maximum Range: 60m

Maximum Height: 145.4m


• For very tall buildings or very restricted spaces



• Luffing jib cranes. They can deflect any obstacle and rotate 360 ° with load.

Tower Cranes / Self-Erecting Crane

Maximum Load Capacity: 4t

Maximum range: 30/35m

Maximum Height: 24m


• Construction of buildings up to 5/6 floors



• Space reduced in its radius of rotation

• Easy and quick assembly

• Durability and ease of maintenance

Tower Cranes / Flat Top Crane

Maximum Load Capacity: 16t

Maximum Range: 40.6m

Maximum Height: 35m


In this model you can add more height by telescoping the section 2.9m / 5.8m / 11.6m through cage 


• Seaports

• Ideal for works close to airports / works without interference with radar signals

Tower Cranes / Derrick Crane

Maximum Load Capacity: 40t.

Maximum Range: 40.6m

Maximum Height: 24m


• Stone Industry

• Placement in high-rise buildings

• Designed for dismantling cranes on buildings, bridges or telecommunication towers