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Gantry Cranes / Goliath Cranes

The Goliath Cranes are designed for capacities up to 200 Ton.
In terms of design they are quite robust and transmit high security complying with all standards in force.

For application in outdoor / indoor environment, for handling heavy loads.

Load Capacity: up to 200t*

Span: up to 50m*

· (Depends of load capacity)

• The Goliath Cranes are composed of two main girders, based on 4 legs.

• The hoist works over the main girders

Gantry Cranes / Gantry Crane - Single Girder
For outdoor / indoor applications, for handling medium and light loads

Load Capacity: up to 16t*

Span: up to 30m

· (Depends of the load capacity)

• The single girder Gantry Crane consists of a main girder, set in 2 or 4 legs;

• The hoist works under the main girder.