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Diferenciais Eléctricos / Monorail hoist - Type E
Type E- Monorail hoist

Load Capacity: up to 16t

• Compact design with low headroom dimensions

• Two direct drive cross travel motors 

• The cross travel is adjustable to suit various flange widths.

Diferenciais Eléctricos / Side-mounted hoist - Type S
Tipo S - Side-mounted hoist

Load Capacity: up to 10t

• Mounted on top and laterally in relation to the crane bridge optimum lifting height.

Diferenciais Eléctricos / Monorail Type U
TYPE U -Bottom flange trolley

Load Capacity: up to 25t

• Can be used on a monorail track with normal rolled section girders or welded box girder

• Two direct driven trolleys.

Diferenciais Eléctricos / Double Girder - TYPE D

Load Capacity: up to 63t

• Compact Design;

• With articulated end carriage joints ensuring positive contact of all wheels with thw track;

• With two direct drive cross travel motors.

Diferenciais Eléctricos / Double Girder Type DQA

Load Capacity: up to 40t

• Ultra low headroom crab unit;

• Allows to adjust to a possible irregularity of the runway, as it allows the full support of the four wheels;

• With two direct drive cross travel motors

Diferenciais Eléctricos / Double Girder-Type Z
Type Z - Double Girder with double lifting mechanism

Load Capacity: up to 120t

• With twin hoist;

• Two direct drives for trolley with compact gearboxes;

• Walkable service platform (optional).