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Tecnologia em elevação!


Load Capacity: up to 400t

The Teclift Mobile TB are marine gantries cranes with capacity up to 400t, which allow the movement of boats, autonomously. They are characterized by their robustness, easy maneuverability and reduced maintenance


The synchronism between the hoists, ensures that all cargo-handling movements developed into uniformity.


Bolted Structure 

Bolted structure allows the equipment to be easily disassembled.


Safety and Security System
The protection system at the wheels is important to reduce the risk of accidents and protect the wheels.


Hydraulic Engine
The lifting movements, cross travel and crane travel are hydraulic actuation.


Hydraulic Circuit
Circuit closed oil.


Diesel Engine
Engine cooled diesel.


Hydraulic Pipes
The hydraulic pipes are stainless steel, for to increase the resistance of the machine.


Remote Control
The joystick remote control allows to the user of the equipment, full freedom of movement and a broader view of your work.


Hydraulic Steering
Possibility of 2 or 4 directional wheels, to permit the overall maneuverability the movements of the gantry.


Auxiliary Accessory
System with hydraulic actuation, for moving, loading, unloading and stacking stone blocks.


Auxiliary Accessory
Spreader to move and stack containers 20´´ or 40´´